Welcome to Eat My Dust®!

Eat My Dust is a 3D world centered on FAST cars, BIG guns, and EXPLOSIVE combat! Choose your team and fight for supremacy in this all out RACING COMBAT game! Players can choose from multitudes of unique car customizations and arming themselves with the latest high-powered ASSAULT WEAPONS.

Once your car is fully modded and weapons are armed, it is off to COMBAT! Destroy ZOMBIES, ATTACK your fellow players, or let ‘em eat your dust as you RACE to 1st place! Wreak the maximum amount of HAVOC and MAYHEM to earn coins and buy FASTER cars and BIGGER GUNS!

What are you waiting for? Get out there and BLOW SOMETHING UP!

If you ever have any questions about EatMyDust.com or your child’s Eat My Dust character, please contact our friendly customer support team at support@eatmydust.com